Frequently Asked Questions

Degrees Offered by Affordable Degrees and Their Acceptability:

Tell me more about the degrees on the basis of life experience?
Are degrees offered by Affordable Degrees, recognized and accepted worldwide?
What is accreditation? Why is it necessary to have an accredited degree?
Live outside the US? Can I still apply for my desired degree?
Tell me more about Abiding University?
How is Affordable Degrees associated with Abiding University?

Document Package:

What does my total package contain?
Can I order extra additional items other than the ones included in the package?
I am applying to several places at a time and need around 100 or more education verification letters. Can I order them from the order form?
Will you use words like “Online or life experience” on the degrees and certificates in the package?
Can I view samples of the documents in the package?
What’s the purpose of the education verification letter included in the package?

Degree Programs Offered at Affordable Degrees:

Which degree programs are offered at your site?
What if I do not qualify for the program I apply for?
Is it possible to apply for two programs simultaneously?
What if my major isn’t listed?
What’s included in the total package offered?
Can I specify the year of graduation on my degree?

Ordering, Pricing, and Delivery:

What’s the fee structure of the different degree packages?
How do I pay for the degree package I want to order?
What’s the ordering process?
How long will it take to order and receive my degree package?
Do I have to purchase the transcript separately when I order the package?

After I Receive my Degree Package:

Will my degree allow me to use a professional title or a post nominal letter?
What do you mean by "education verification service?" Do you provide this service?
Will I be able to order additional copies of the original degree?
Will I be able to order additional copies of the original transcript?
Will I be able to order additional copies of additional certificate?
Will I be able to order additional copies of the education verification letter?

Questions about Apostille/Embassy Legalization:

How can I get my credentials certified?
How can I get my degree apostilled if I am an International student?
How can I use the legalization service?
Which countries accept apostille and which accept Embassy Legalization?